Martha Willette Lewis


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Last week’s Private Studios Weekend, the third of four weekends in this year’s City-Wide Open Studios, offered a chance to get inside other people’s heads—and our own.

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Wine On9 - Friday, November 3, 2017

In a reformed industrial space just over the West Haven border, Matt Feiner likened entering the room whose walls and ceiling he’d covered with cleverly revised newspaper ads to “stepping into brain.” On another side of town, just over the Hamden border in the Eli Whitney Barn, Martha Lewis’s installation Remembering Memory cherished our powers of recollection while interrogating their role in shaping our senses of self.

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St. Thomas's Day School

Meanwhile, at over 20 other locations, dozens of artists bared their brains on canvases, sheets of paper, pedestals, hangers and even trees, creating a neural network of artwork as many-splendored as the electric wrinkly organs in our noggins.

CWOS 2017 – Private Studios Weekend
October 21-22 at locations throughout New Haven as well as in Hamden and West Haven
Next up: Erector Square Weekend – 315 Peck St, New Haven (map)

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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