Rack to Rack

Rack to Rack

New Haven Bike Month has us backpedaling to this 2016 photo essay, which celebrates the places bikes take a break.

* * *

Each April, local cyclists ride from Rock to Rock.

The rest of the year, they ride from rack to rack—and they often get creative. Parking meters, traffic signs, spired gates, young trees—basically anything slender in the middle, thick at the ends and solid throughout—will do.

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Sometimes the rack installers themselves get creative. You almost feel bad sliding a bike lock around the elegant racks outside 100 College Street or the Canal Dock Boathouse. The rack outside the Yale Medical Bookstore is pleasantly wavy and livened up with bright green paint. Vegetarian institution Claire’s Corner Copia has a metal rack bent and painted into squash, carrots and broccoli.

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If you’re one of New Haven’s many local cyclists, you’ll want to be eating your veggies, among other things. It’s May, a.k.a. New Haven Bike Month, and there’s riding to fuel.

Photo Key

1. 100 College Street.
2. Kroon Hall (Yale).
3. Union Station.
4. Elm Street, near College.
5. Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale).
6. Cross Campus (Yale).
7. Osborn Memorial Laboratories (Yale).
8. Hall of Graduate Studies (Yale).
9. Brady Memorial Laboratory (Yale).
10. Orange Street, near The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop.
11. Canal Dock Boathouse.
12. Yale Medical Bookstore.
13. Wall Street, across from Yale Law School.
14. Claire’s Corner Copia.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims. This updated story originally published on April 29, 2016. Riders, please be sure to follow best mid-pandemic practices.

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