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Sign Language

The Five Satins "New Haven Notable" banner

If you’ve ever been inside a building on Yale’s campus, or ambled around the Chapel West district downtown, or stepped inside city hall, or driven along the verdant Merritt Parkway, you’ve almost certainly seen Strong Cohen’s clean,…

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Pop Culture

Foxon Park Factory

92 years ago on a plot of land in East Haven, Matteo Naclerio was deciding between starting a funeral home or a beverage factory. He chose the latter, and iconic local soda pop-maker Foxon Park Beverages was…

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Catching the Drift

Phoenix Press

At the confluence of the Mill and Quinnipiac Rivers, rising above Fair Haven’s Criscuolo Park and plentiful power lines, stands a 150-foot, 100-kilowatt wind turbine named “Gus(t).”

Gus(t) belongs to the adjacent…

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A Pretty Perch

The Bird Nest Salon & Gallery

The Bird Nest is rightly named—not only because proprietor/stylist Steven Uccello’s last name is the Italian word for “bird,” but also because the Guilford salon/gallery/gift shop is composed of found objects.…

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Patrons at 168 York Street Cafe

When George Coyle began tending bar in 1971, he imagined it would be temporary—a job to work while finishing school.

40 years later, he’s behind his own bar, though he doesn’t spend much time serving…

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Spice Is Right

Brunch items at Thali Too

Entering Indian restaurant Thali Too, the fragrance is fresh and pleasant, as if there are live cumin and turmeric plants just under your nose. And when you’re at a vegetarian restaurant, plants are what you’re there for.…

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