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Inn and Out

gris outside_1500aii

This has been a special holiday season for the shoreline river town of Essex

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Outside Tracks


Long ago, the New Haven Colony had outposts down the coast, as far away as what we now call Philadelphia. Today, New Haven’s diaspora goes in all directions, including…

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’Field Goals

ripley view_1500ai

Whenever I visit Litchfield (map), the county seat of Northwestern Connecticut, I think of the Kinks song “Village Green Preservation Society,” especially the lines, “Preserving the old ways from being abused/Protecting the new ways for me and for …

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Shore Leave

3_20230724224707050_photo by Ronnie Rysz_1500ai

Port towns are especially prone to churn, their fortunes swelling or sinking depending on the tides. But the city of New London, perched where the Thames River meets the western edge of the Block Island Sound, has plenty of anchors.…

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North East


July 4th falls on a Tuesday this year, raising the tantalizing possibility of a five-day weekend. Such fortune, if you can get it, raises the problem of what to do with all that leisure time. …

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Merry Time


There’s a bar I’ve really fallen for. She’s beautiful, confident and an expert in her field. Though Michelin guides tend to give me a terrible case of the eye rolls, I’ve always secretly appreciated their 3-star standard: “exceptional cuisine, worth …

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Northern West


At the intersection of two interstates, with its skyscrapers and gold-domed capitol, Hartford gets most of the day-to-day attention. But…

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Mystical Quest


You’ve probably heard of Mystic Aquarium, Mystic Seaport, Mystic Pizza.

You probably haven’t heard of Young Buns. …

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Liquid Asset


Swimming in an abandoned quarry has been a favorite summer pastime as long as there have been abandoned quarries. …

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Another Elm City


While he was the president of Yale College in the early 1800s, the theologian, writer and horticulturist Timothy Dwight did a lot of traveling, wherever horse and cart might take him. One of his favorite destinations…

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