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Fresh snow is pretty and pure. Trodden snow is plain and polluted.

Right? …

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A photo and text essay. To view all 11 images, check out the email edition

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Goodbye Kiss


An animated photo essay. To view the gifs, check out the email version.

This mild winter gave us a light but wet smooch on its way out the door yesterday. …

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First Impressions


There’s something about the first real snowfall. …

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Window Weather

Snow in New Haven

A photo essay. Check out the email version to view all nine shots.

Even if you’re determined to stay in during a snow like Saturday’s, your apartment or house windows can persuade you otherwise. …

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’Sno Problem

Birds on the New Haven Green

Going out into a blizzard can be a life-affirming experience.

It might even be once-in-a-lifetime. …

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Snow Job

Snow on the New Haven Green

How can it be, that New Haven’s December is so warm?

Answers: Climate changeEl Niño. Even the “polar vortex,” which was last harsh winter’s bogeyman, is keeping the moment’s Arctic temps confined to the Arctic. …

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Storm Chasers


Like the movie, Juno the storm (a.k.a. Colbie) ended up delivering a more wholesome message than observers predicted.

Powdery, wispy and drifting…

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Best in Snow

Downtown New Haven after snow

Snow absorbs sound.

That’s one reason the world takes on a pleasing, preternatural quiet during and after snowfall. Sonic waves that would normally find ways into your ear canals never actually make it,…

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Go with the Snow

Snow in New Haven

There’s a new exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art which interprets artist John Constable’s cloud studies and landscape paintings by reducing them to their essential colors and basic geometric shapes.

That exhibit bears striking resemblance to New Haven …

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