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Swinging for the Stars

IMG_9309 sel_1500bii

Inside a gymnasium in Shelton, a dozen or so recruits under the age of 10 are training to become Jedi peacekeepers in the galactic fight against the Dark Side. A Jedi master named Kato Kislo, wearing the neutral-toned, belted tunic …

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You can do a lot on Craigslist with just a 20-dollar bill and a 20-mile radius…

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Bounty Hunting

New Haven Farms

Meaty red tomatoes that juice when you slice them, bulging green pods full of firm, sweet peas. They’re the stuff of dreams when the calendar says spring but the forecast says winter. …

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Songbirds of a Feather

James Velvet with The Ivory Bills

There was a time when singer/songwriter/bandleader James Velvet had a popular monthly tentpole gig leading one of the area’s best-known folk-rock acts, hosted a weekly acoustic music series at local coffeehouses, played bass or rhythm guitar in other people’s bands, …

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