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There’s something elemental about eating oysters by the sea, as if you plucked your dinner from the brine. …

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Roll-in’ on the River

Lobster Roll at the Lobster Shack

In summer, the search for a great leisure-time lobster roll becomes a serious business. The classic seaside sandwich is a point of obsession for some, but for Arlene and Nick Crismale, it’s something more: a way of life. …

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Crust Me

Abate Apizza and Seafood Restaurant

When it comes to pizza, I might live in the wrong town. Eating New Haven’s signature thin-, charred-, bubble-crusted apizza leaves a void in my mouth only one thing can fill: more starch. …

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In Fair Haven, whose history is tied to the pursuits of river and sea, and whose current population is increasingly Hispanic, it’s only fitting that a restaurant like La Molienda should exist. …

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Surf and Turf


Once upon a time, beginning just after the Civil War, the West Haven shoreline harbored one of the most popular warm-weather resorts in New England, Savin Rock Amusement Park. With…

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A Shore Thing

Enjoying a beer at Lenny's Indian Head Inn

It’s tempting to start with the fried clams at Lenny’s—crisp, buttery exterior housing the freshly caught bivalves within; crunchy, salty and slightly sweet, too.

Or with a cold Narragansett beer on a warm day, condensation on the outside of the …

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Shuck and Awe

Waterhouse Oyster Bar

For the mollusk-obsessed, there’s more to the genuine oyster experience than the eating. For one thing, there’s a deep introspective decision to make at the moment of truth: Am I a condiment person or a purist, today?

Of course, after …

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Sea Change

Kanibaba roll at Miya's Sushi

Bun Lai is holding court. Seated at a central table in his restaurant, Miya’s, the bouncy and gregarious chef is greeting friends and acquaintances and customers as they walk through the door for dinner.

Lai’s soon sending something …

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