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An Impossible Wicket

Frederick David Watts

Frederick David Watts isn’t pleasant to look at. Nor is he pleasant to ignore. Homeless, he walks the streets of New Haven wearing a patterned bathrobe and a…

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Elizabeth Wilson in The Addams Family

Perhaps you know her as Mrs. Braddock (pictured second), Dustin Hoffman’s concerned mom in the iconic 1967 coming-of-age movie The Graduate.

Or as Roz, the snitch who sat on the toilet seat in the ladies…

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Role Call

Patricia Lawton

If stardom were spread via sheer proximity, you’d already know Patricia Lawton’s name. She’s walked down New York City streets with George Clooney, chatted with Jennifer Aniston on the set of the movie Bounty Hunter, met Robin Williams…

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Poetic License

Devlin Grunloh

If you’ve ever caught a Wednesday open mic night at The Space performance complex, 37-year-old performance poet Devlin Grunloh likely closed out the evening, reading just before last call. In 10 years, Grunloh has…

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