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Family Farm

The Dudley Farm Museum

Like history itself, The Dudley Farm Museum is a work in progress. …

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Pieces of War


Despite a camouflage paint job, the West Haven Veterans Museum and Learning Center is easy to spot. …

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Poetic Injustice

"The Leave-Taking" by Margaret Lyster Chamberlain

A skeletal, exhausted-looking man dressed in rags leans over a spade, preparing a hole in the ground. To the left, his wife hunches over a small bundle in her arms, about to relinquish it to the earth; on the right, …

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That’s the Spirit!

"Windows into Heaven" at Knights of Columbus Museum

Perched at the mouth of State Street, the Knights of Columbus Museum has acted as a gallery and archive of Catholic history and culture for over 30 years.

The museum’s stunning concrete-and-glass home is airy, well-lit and spacious. A variety …

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Uncommon Wealth

Edwardian Opulence at the Yale Center for British Art

The first item you see when visiting the Yale Center for British Art’s lush, lustrous new exhibit Edwardian Opulence is a fancy “bodice, skirt and train” dating from 1900-1903, created by the eminent Paris fashion firm House of Worth.…

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