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Cool Fusion

hassan and perez with Aztec mural_1500aii

Blink and you’ll probably miss Seymour’s Agave Diner, but only if you’re an out-of-towner. Seymour residents have been frequenting this prefab charmer at Route 67 and Columbus Street, skirted to the west by an elevated Route 8, since 1951, …

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Appetite Spot


Bright, splashy greens, blues, pinks and purples declare the sweet treats to be found at Cositas Deliciosas: the ice cream, the shakes, the snow cones, the fresh fruit. But for me, it’s the savory regional Mexican dishes that speak …

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Truck Stop


Tall colorful banners and bright national flags ripple in the breeze above a column of trucks as customers line up along the sidewalk. It looks like a fiesta on Long Wharf Drive. But it’s only lunch. …

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Variety Store


Determined to get outside my mundane supermarket routine, I stepped into Tlaxcala Grocery in East Rock (map), where I found that delicious feeling of something new and different. …

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The Spice is Right


Cilantro is the kind of place where you’re compelled to ask what’s in the sauce and the person at the counter knows the exact answer. In this case it was “the green sauce,” one of…

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Passion: Fruit

Fruit Salad from Cositas Deliciosas

Add condensed milk to pretty much any food and you’ve won me over. But let’s set that aside for a moment. Because people really go to Cositas Deliciosas for the fruit. …

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You can hardly miss the colorful flags outside Las Brasas promising TACOS, BURRITOS. What you’ll find inside is something more: a traditional American diner with a full Mexican menu. …

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Take Cinco

Food and drink at Mezcal

If you ring up a Latin restaurant over the phone and find that English is a bit of a struggle and your rudimentary Spanish can’t keep up, odds are good you’ve found a place with roots.…

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