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Everything and More

Garvey-Gregory_Poetics_of_Mass_Weighted_Median_Diameter_2018_58.76- Wx34.15-Hx3.93D_UnityGameEngine_1500

Abstract art had never been my favorite. I’d always found it somewhat aloof, as if the artists were trying to keep some distance between me and their ideas. So the prospect of reviewing A Way to See Everything and Nothing

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Artists in Residence


Not much is known about the life of Grace T. Ely. …

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Doll House

"Doll-Like" exhibit item

Dolls occupy a huge variety of spaces within the human psyche. Sometimes they’re playthings or sources of comfort. Other times they’re deeply creepy, a fact innumerable horror stories have exploited. Used as totems and…

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This Week in New Haven (April 7 – 13)

Thumbscrew photographed by Peter Gannushkin

Kids get a literary degree of love this week during the nationally organized Week of the Young Child, but, like the best children’s stories, there’s more than enough here to keep the grownups entertained.…

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This Week in New Haven (January 13 – 19)

Former Senator Richard Lugar

Yale returns to full form this week with a talk by a misunderstood former U.S. senator, plus a dystopian dramatic offering and a slate of events related to Martin…

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This Week in New Haven (June 3 – 9)

Arts Council of Greater New Haven Arts on the Edge

It’s a great week of harmony in New Haven. It begins with a steel drum orchestra in a city park, continues with a community talent show raising funds for arts scholarships and wends its way through choral concerts and gallery …

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