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Movie Business


During COVID, the big screen took a famously big hit. More than 2,000 theaters across the United States closed, according to an industry survey. People were no longer willing to sit in a big, dark room near a stranger who …

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Outer Space


For a stark experience of nature, super-wide views of the Long Island Sound and the chance to take a deep, relaxing breath, there’s an answer off the coast of Branford: Outer Island.

Named for its location, this outermost member

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All the More Season


August always carries a touch of melancholy as we confront the dwindling days of summer. But the way to beat it is to savor what seasonal pleasure remains, including from a local summer staple: the free—and freeing—outdoor concert. …

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Shoes to Fill


Squeezed into the heel of Branford’s main drag, a narrow, old-timey storefront has quietly become a landmark. Branford Shoe Repair, the words painted by hand across the front window, has operated here for 48 years.

After all that time, proprietor …

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Truck Stop


Tall colorful banners and bright national flags ripple in the breeze above a column of trucks as customers line up along the sidewalk. It looks like a fiesta on Long Wharf Drive. But it’s only lunch. …

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Life Stage

Spring rehearsal 3_1280_3x2

“Okay, stop. I want to make a change,” director Marc Deaton says. …

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Farm Share


Our shoreline isn’t considered farm country, but the town of Madison can boast a thriving 350-acre farm right at water’s edge. Or rather, under it. …

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North East


July 4th falls on a Tuesday this year, raising the tantalizing possibility of a five-day weekend. Such fortune, if you can get it, raises the problem of what to do with all that leisure time. …

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Rain and Shine


Dark skies and heavy rains couldn’t dampen bright smiles and high hopes at Wednesday’s opening of the 2023 Dixwell/Q House Farmers’ Market. The soggy first day launched the second season of the weekly event presented by CitySeed and L.E.A.P.

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