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Golden Touch


Rocks and foil wrappers were among Alexis Gage’s favorite playthings as a child. Decades later, she still plays with solid and shiny things, only now she uses a blowtorch. …

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Labor of Love


“This is a retirement story that happened 20 years ahead of time,” Barry Gordon says. …

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Exterior Decorator


Kate Stephen grew up in rural Bethlehem, Connecticut, where she liked to pass the time “in the dirt, digging around, collecting rocks.” …

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Walk-Ins Welcome


From her perch on a faux-fur settee in the back area of Therapy’s L-shaped boutique—past racks of daring cocktail dresses, classy gowns, comfy-svelte knits and artsy shoes and jewelry and artifacts—Angelina Davydov confirms what’s already clear to see. …

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Golden Years

Tony Marsh, East Rock Goldsmith

With the price of gold and precious metals through the roof, it’s increasingly tempting to go rooting through your dusty jewelry boxes to find buried treasure. But before you hurtle headlong into any random store with a sign that blares, …

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Love Actualized

Peter Indorf Jewelers

Peter Indorf is everywhere. He’s on the wrist of the woman waiting in line behind you at Elm City Market; he’s on the left hand of your radiologist; he’s dangling from the ears of that dazzling presenter at the benefit.…

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