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Well On

Tea ingredients coming together at Naturegene

In rooms toward the back of a tiny store on Whitney Ave, massage therapists perform a 5,000-year-old medicinal tradition.

The exact origin story of what’s known as “cupping therapy” is fuzzy, but wherever it started, it certainly made the rounds. …

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Sweat Equity

Lori Bonazzoli of Balanced Yoga

There’s no delicate way to describe this situation. The sweat—it’s flowing, drenching my shirt as I stand, front leg bent and back leg stretched behind me, in “Warrior Two” position. My arms are extended and my fingers long as I …

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An Apple-Carrot-Ginger a Day

Pure Health Lounge

If you’ve seen the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, you might well have been tempted to forsake all solid foods plus fats, sugars, salts, carbs—all the fun stuff—for a full on, pureed, juiced-up cleanse. If you haven’t seen …

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The Whole Story

Bill Klar Healthy Living

Bill Klar wants you to eat dirt. “See, people just cut off these roots, and the skin, the leaves on top, and throw them away. I can’t even believe it. A little dirt is good, it’s a connection to the …

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Shocked Into Fitness By Big Food

Big Food at the Peabody Museum

A man is staring at a row of spoons. Arranged vertically like a 3D bar graph, each row of spoons demonstrates how much sugar is found in various beverages, from juice boxes to cans of ice tea and bottles of …

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A Cut Above


“I wanted to be the female version of Indiana Jones,” Karma Salon owner Cheryl L. McMahon shared with me recently when asked if she always wanted to work with hair. I couldn’t help but smile at her refreshingly honest response. …

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