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Variety Store


Determined to get outside my mundane supermarket routine, I stepped into Tlaxcala Grocery in East Rock (map), where I found that delicious feeling of something new and different. …

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Thyme Zone


When Thyme & Season opened in Hamden in 1997, many people still saw health food as “some weird old hippie thing,” longtime employee Vicky Parslow says with a laugh…

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Market Outlook

Atticus Market-17_1500bii

Romeo and Cesare’s Gourmet Shoppe, one of a few beloved neighborhood markets on upper Orange Street, was an East Rock institution for over 30 years. Neighbors were sad to see it go. But when word spread that…

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Market Index


Farmers India Market isn’t your average supermarket. …

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Pol Vault


Just up the block of State Street that holds New Haven’s only Polish church—St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr—is the city’s only Polish delicatessen. …

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Flour Power

Durante's Pasta

In a quiet residential neighborhood in West Haven, a few hundred square feet of Italy lie tucked away under a green, white and red sign that reads “Durante’s Pasta.” …

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Aiming to Cheese

Deli at Liuzzi Gourmet Food Market

A favorite among Daily Nutmeg’s early stories was this visit to a legendarily cheesy spot on December 6, 2012. Enjoy!

“Aw, forget about it!” says cheese section manager Bob Derrico when asked how…

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Aiming to Cheese

Liuzzi Gourmet Market

“Aw, forget about it!” says cheese section manager Bob Derrico when you ask him how many cheeses Liuzzi Gourmet Market in North Haven carries. “We stopped counting years ago! Hundreds! At least four or five hundred, with 10 or 12 …

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