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Plant Life

Lettuce at Massaro Community Farm

The iconic elements are in place: a classic white farmhouse with an apple tree and chicken coop full of clucking hens; a high-roofed red dairy barn that still houses milking stanchions and a hayloft; an acre-after-acre spread, with woods and …

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Local-Hanging Fruits

Hindinger Farm

The heat may be sweltering, but there is good reason to celebrate that blistering sun.

Agriculturally speaking, anyway.

As July plods on and August approaches, the lush green trees at Hindinger Farm in Hamden will…

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Betting on the Farm

CitySeed Farmers' Markets

A Hamden woman walks up to a table and gasps as if she’d just seen a ghost. “You have sorrel!” she shrieks, holding her hand to her heart, nearly losing her breath. She had fallen in love at first taste …

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