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Plot Thickened


A photo essay. To view all seven images, check out the email edition.

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Unsecret Garden


A photo essay. To view all the images, check out the email edition.

The garden at the front of the Yale Farm is naturally inviting, which could help explain why the farm’s minders felt the need to hang a …

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Flora and Fauna


After a cold, wet spring, B&B Flower Farm seems ready for summer. The rain has helped, leaving the sloping lawn so green it looks photoshopped.

“B&B” stands for Bob and Barbara, as in…

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Spring has come, and flowers are blooming. Yards and medians bob with daffodils, and the cherry blossom trees in Wooster Square are budding, promising petal showers any moment. …

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Here Today

Grove Street Cemetery

… and gone tomorrow, or close to it.

Every spring, the blooms of New Haven’s flashiest trees come and go in the span of about a week apiece. Staggered across two or three weeks…

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Fall Break

White and yellow roses at Pardee Rose Garden

The calendar tells us it’s fall. So do scattered batches of leaves turning red and orange and yellow and weather map temperatures dipping into green and blue.

Thousands of flowering…

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