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Spring has come, and flowers are blooming. Yards and medians bob with daffodils, and the cherry blossom trees in Wooster Square are budding, promising petal showers any moment. …

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Tower of Flower

Jennifer Ford-Chatfield, owner of Fleur de Lys

It was the prevailing symbol of French royalty for more than 500 years. As France battled, bred and cavorted with other peoples around the globe, the symbol spread, too, appropriated by families for their crests, religions for…

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Staying Flower

Geraldine, a florist

Geraldine Cullinan knows her flowers. She knows the delicate orchids, the hearty succulents and the colorful tulips, too.

It’s an important reason why Cullinan’s flower shop, “Geraldine, a florist,” has passed New Haven’s smell test for over 30 years, first …

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