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Sweat Equity

Lori Bonazzoli of Balanced Yoga

There’s no delicate way to describe this situation. The sweat—it’s flowing, drenching my shirt as I stand, front leg bent and back leg stretched behind me, in “Warrior Two” position. My arms are extended and my fingers long as I …

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Good Exercise

Closer to Free | A Ride for Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven

Labor Day’s the first holiday of the school year, but a lot of folks don’t feel like resting that week. They prefer to run, bike or just play in the grass at health-conscious communal events.

First up are the runners. …

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Shocked Into Fitness By Big Food

Big Food at the Peabody Museum

A man is staring at a row of spoons. Arranged vertically like a 3D bar graph, each row of spoons demonstrates how much sugar is found in various beverages, from juice boxes to cans of ice tea and bottles of …

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