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Script Notes II


Six months ago, I reeled off a series of movie and TV moments referencing New Haven.

Today, I’ve got enough for a sequel. And I didn’t even have to watch Gilmore Girls. …

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Movie-ing Up


In a corner room on the second floor of his house, Ed Gendron was getting ready for a busy November…

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Real to Reel


The 16-millimeter movie cameras are tricky to use. …

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Life of Slice

Gorman Bechard at Modern Apizza

For anyone from outside the city, New Haven’s “pizza wars”—between fans of Pepe’s, Sally’s and Modern—may seem funny, even incomprehensible, but New Haveners are downright serious about their pizza. Enter local filmmaker Gorman Bechard, a self-described “pizza snob,” to explain …

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Movie Times

Ciné 4 - New Haven, CT

If you’re among the first to arrive for a movie at the Ciné 4, you take maybe 10 or 11 steps from your car to the main door. If you arrive later–or even late–it may be 20 steps. …

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Keeping It Reel


As the Oscars approach, opinions abound on actors, directors, screenplays, special effects and more. But few of us give any thought to the physical film itself. …

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Straight Shooters

Rodney Moore and Pepe Vega

Pepe Vega and Hugh “HG” Gallman grew up in “The Tribe,” a housing project that once stood in the Dixwell neighborhood. Eventually torn down, Dixwell’s projects were notorious for disrepair and…

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Elizabeth Wilson in The Addams Family

Perhaps you know her as Mrs. Braddock (pictured second), Dustin Hoffman’s concerned mom in the iconic 1967 coming-of-age movie The Graduate.

Or as Roz, the snitch who sat on the toilet seat in the ladies…

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An Indie Gem

Best Video stacks

Scene from a video store: A young woman steps up to the counter. “Where can I find Cape Fear? I thought it would be in ‘Best of Best,’ but…”

“There’s two Cape Fears,” the manager responds, without a …

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Reel Estate

Stephen Dest

Stephen Dest sees New Haven as a city of artists and unpredictable characters. “This is a small city, a walkable city, an intelligent city. No matter where you go, you have the best conversations,” he says. “Two things you always …

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