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A Call to Farms


Six months ago, CitySeed farmers’ market regular Waldingfield Farm, located in Washington, Connecticut, had neither the resources nor the demand to run its own farm stand. Now, months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Waldingfield boasts…

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Berry Treasure


There’s just something about raspberries. …

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Off the Eaten Path


“We’re literally seed to table and back again,” Ami Beach Shadle says, and unlike many people these days, she’s using the word “literally” literally.

The raw foods chef and her husband, executive chef Mark…

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Patch Work

Tomatoes at Phoenix Press Farm

Jacqueline Maisonpierre doesn’t seem to mind getting her hands dirty.

As the farm manager at New Haven Farms, Maisonpierre (pictured third) splits her time between seven tiny patches of…

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Local-Hanging Fruits

Hindinger Farm

The heat may be sweltering, but there is good reason to celebrate that blistering sun.

Agriculturally speaking, anyway.

As July plods on and August approaches, the lush green trees at Hindinger Farm in Hamden will…

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