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Escape Artistry


When you play an escape room game, you usually have to, well, escape from a room. But Escape New Haven has taken its gameplay beyond the limitations of four walls, with three outdoor games requiring the same kind of puzzling …

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Hide and Seek


Secret containers lie hidden throughout the city. There’s one outside the Starbucks on High Street and another outside Yale-New Haven Hospital. Others are concealed down by the bay and up along the spine of West Rock. …

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Escape Artists

Computer terminal detail at Escape New Haven

We were trapped within the space station, and time was running out.

We’d begun in a long, thin access corridor, its tire-black floor grooved and rubbery. A silver ventilation tube ran…

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Eastern Exposure

Silk Road Art Gallery

If you think New Haven is a world apart from Xi’an, China, Silk Road Art Gallery head and Xi’an native Liwen Ma begs to differ. “Xi’an culture can speak to New Haven culture,” she says, with Silk Road exhibit…

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