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Everything and More

Garvey-Gregory_Poetics_of_Mass_Weighted_Median_Diameter_2018_58.76- Wx34.15-Hx3.93D_UnityGameEngine_1500

Abstract art had never been my favorite. I’d always found it somewhat aloof, as if the artists were trying to keep some distance between me and their ideas. So the prospect of reviewing A Way to See Everything and Nothing

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Picking Up Threads


Ancient tools become works of art in sculptor Yvonne Shortt’s project Picks from the Soil: Harvesting Community Narratives

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Physical Therapy


For the past three years, the Ely Center of Contemporary Art has issued an Open Call. Artists from anywhere can…

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Access Panel


A camera travels up a stairway, around a corner, down a hall. A key unlocks a door. “Hi, everybody. Welcome to my studio,” says New Haven artist Susan McCaslin. …

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Solo Six


Cardboard is, according to artist Henry Klimowicz, “a valueless material.” Yet what he does with it belies the statement. …

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Messages Received


Once the site of garden parties for the well-heeled guests of Grace T. Ely, the back yard of the Ely Center of Contemporary Art is hosting once more. …

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Artists in Residence


Not much is known about the life of Grace T. Ely. …

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