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Figuring it Out


In a cozy attic studio in Hamden, rainbow skeins of ribbon and bolts of patterned fabric are neatly arranged. On a workbench, a linen figure lies, her pink yarn hair half-pinned to her head. A puff of dotted blue tulle …

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Doll House

"Doll-Like" exhibit item

Dolls occupy a huge variety of spaces within the human psyche. Sometimes they’re playthings or sources of comfort. Other times they’re deeply creepy, a fact innumerable horror stories have exploited. Used as totems and…

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All Dolled Up

Late Greats by Chen Reichert

“They’re so proper,” Chen Reichert says. “They were just asking for it.”

Reichert is speaking, of all things, about postcards. After a year of teaching English in Japan, Reichert came back to the States in 2006 with a tall stack …

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