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Bar Kept

shanahan at bar_1500ci

I think of Delaney’s as Westville’s Cheers. It’s a friendly neighborhood bar with a notable history, low-key vibe, steady stream of regulars and…

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You’re Invited


A photo essay. To view all 13 photos and animated images, check out the email version.

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish Catholic holiday. It’s also for everyone. …

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Opening Up


Ephrat and Benny Lieblich had already signed a lease for their new Whalley Avenue restaurant, Ladle and Loaf, and gutted their space when suddenly, last March, everything shut down. …

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Fall, off the Wagon

The Monsieur Valentino at ROÌA

Sandals one day, sweaters the next. Greenery last week, autumnal confetti this. Breezy cocktails and refreshing ales a month ago, rich concoctions and dark brews now.

As New Haven advances…

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