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Leaps and Bounds


This 2016 feature returns just in time for New Haven Ballet’s first live performances since the onset of the pandemic.

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Foot Work


When Tia Russell and James Brockington decided to open a dance studio in 2013, they hit the pavement…

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Feet First


When the New Haven Morris and Sword dancers perform the steps of a Cotswold dance, they’re enacting what an ancient ritual. …

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Pace Yourself


The 24th International Festival of Arts & Ideas picks up the pace in New Haven…

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See You

Lindsey Bauer of the Elm City Dance Collective

A photo essay. To view all 28 shots, check out the email version.

Luis Antonio, Lindsey Bauer, Tara Burns, Nikki Carrara, Kellie Ann Lynch, Alicia White are running, leaping, sliding…

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Leaps and Bounds

New Haven Ballet

The sun set hours ago, and the dark winter evening outside makes the bright ballet studio seem stark, severe. Tonight, the students of the New Haven Ballet school are practicing for their annual production of The Nutcracker, just like …

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In Tune

Neighborhood Music School Greater New Haven Concert Band conducted by Rachel Antonucci

Imagine arriving in a foreign land, exhausted from an arduous journey, unaccustomed to the native language and struggling to get a foothold as you begin a new life. How would you acclimate? Where would you go for help?…

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Life of the Party

Bill Fischer

If you want to find an African drum circle, learn to play the Irish penny whistle or the Indian hurdy gurdy, brush up on your New England contra or square dancing, get a few gardening tips, celebrate a change of …

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Hips and Salsa

Students at Alisa's House of Salsa

The 800 block of Chapel Street, just east of the Green, teems most days with pedestrians going somewhere in a hurry. Little do most of them know that, up a flight of stairs at address 817, they could be stepping …

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Arts, Ideas and New Haven

Kyle Abraham, "The Radio Show" | Photo by Steven Schrieber

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas ensures New Haven is aware of how many great new creative events and concepts there are in the world. But the festival also makes sure those worldly artists get to know about New …

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