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Find Your Feet


It’s hard to keep from smiling when you’re tap dancing. I learned that the easy way during…

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Rising in the East


East Rock Park has been there our whole lifetimes, its tower a landmark to orient the traveler, its traprock cliffs changing color with the time of day. But until last year, many New Haveners didn’t give it much more thought …

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Child’s Play


Summer is on the way—but a different kind of summer, one in which many of the go-to amusements for families with children are closed or limited. What’s a kid to do? …

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Water Way


If you know the Mill River, you probably know it best from…

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This Week in New Haven (April 22 – 28)

Wooster Square

The last full week in April is usually tentpoled by major annual events, and this year is no exception. …

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Falling Out


While we may take autumn’s crimsons and golds for granted, hundreds of thousands of tourists are visiting Connecticut this time of year…

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This Week in New Haven (July 3 – 9)


Red, white and blue, plus paint, dogs and Hawaiian prints, help color this week in New Haven. …

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This Week in New Haven (April 17 – 23)


Budding filmmakers, a flower plucked too soon and a literal festival of blossoms proclaim that spring has truly sprung.…

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Happy Thanksgiving


You probably won’t have acorns in your Thanksgiving feast today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go nuts. …

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This Week in New Haven (July 13 – 19)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Fasten your seat belts. Flights of one sort or another—space travel, crowd surfing, wine-tasting and the departure of a long-running exhibit—have us strapping in this week…

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