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Worry, Be Happy


When you think of coffee, do you think of red-eyed jolts powering workday marathons? Cookie-cutter cafes with focus-grouped folksiness? Poor coffee farmers at the mercy of multinational bean counters?

If those are your …

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Wake-Up Calling

Louise deCarrone at Lulu's Coffee

“The nicest thing they did for me was give me a layoff slip,” says Louise “Lulu” deCarrone, the straight-shooting owner of Lulu’s Coffee in East Rock, where many customers call her “Lu.” She’s talking about a job she had at …

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Bean Counters

The Coffee Pedaler

Ryan Taylor, owner of two-month-old The Coffee Pedaler in East Rock, is comparing footwear with a four-year-old girl. He bends down to inspect her shoes, sparkly and pink in the bright light of the shop.…

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