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Past Experience


It looked like a little home library, with parlor chairs, bookshelves and a Christmas tree. Then I found the slot where I was supposed to give the password…

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Z Food

artwork 2_1500aii

For New Year’s Eve, VivaZ Cantina planned quite the fiesta. The Mexican restaurant’s four-course prix fixe menu (at $65 per person) featured…

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Big Drink


Though the Manhattan has been a bar staple for well over a century, its origins remain cloudy. One popular legend is that it was invented in the 1870s at New York City’s Manhattan Club for a party hosted by Jennie …

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Cage Match


Every recreational drinker I know in New Haven seems to have a history with Firehouse 12. One friend spent their faster, younger days behind the bar, another too many evenings in front of it. It’s been a place to …

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Merry Time


There’s a bar I’ve really fallen for. She’s beautiful, confident and an expert in her field. Though Michelin guides tend to give me a terrible case of the eye rolls, I’ve always secretly appreciated their 3-star standard: “exceptional cuisine, worth …

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Whiskeyed Away


Picking up where ROÌA left off, the bar at The Luke (map) is amber-gold and dark-wooded, marble-topped and mirror-backed, with curvy chairs and crystal glasses. The finely tiled white floor with its preserved cracks and fissures conjures ancient …

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Ports in a Storm


When it rains, it needn’t pour. Light rain all day is just as effective. …

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Spiritual Journey


August the month is just about over, but August the bar, founded in 2014 as a matter of wine, unequivocally, has been getting something started for all of 2022: a cocktail program. …

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Viva VIA


Italian street food may be the inspiration at VIA Gastrobar, but Instagram is the theme. Influencer bait is visible from every table: a black and white mural of a grrrl fiercely eating her spaghetti, an Italian ice cart/graffiti installation, a …

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Spa Night


At Anchor Spa yesterday, a chilled-out reggae playlist became richer as the evening did. …

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