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Once a Year


In Christmas Comes But Once A Year, a cartoon short released in 1936, a group of young orphans awake on Christmas morning. Irrepressibly, they sing and dance past a very sad tree, heading straight for a row of stockings …

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On the Eve


Two and a half billion Christians around the world will soon celebrate the birth of the man they call their Savior, and many of them will do so this Friday, Christmas Eve. New Haven’s churches are a microcosm of that …

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Warm as Ice


A photo essay. To view all 12 images at higher quality, check out the email edition.

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Star Treatment


A photo essay. To view all 25 photos (and at a better quality), check out the email edition of this story.

Softly, amid distant stars, and boldly, amid giant books, is…

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Spirits Raised


This Christmas, we’re savoring the lights, and the music, and the holiday spirit.

But we’re also relishing in the city’s spirit…

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Ghosts of Christmas Past


The day before Christmas in New Haven is a good day to ponder how New Haven Christmases were before. …

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Mixing and A-Mingling


A nontraditional playlist, for a nontraditional Christmas: …

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This Week in New Haven (December 21 – 27)


Like the trees in many of our homes, a precious and beautiful “star” tops this Christmas week. …

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Exterior Decorating


Decorating houses for the holidays is one tradition that hasn’t changed this pandemic season. …

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’Tis Still the Season


A photo essay. To view all 20 photos, check out the email edition

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