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Early to Bread


On the discarded grounds of JoJo’s Coffee, half a block from the departed Four Flours bakery, a new location of G Café has stepped in to make sure Chapel West is both caffeinated and carbed. …

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Western Union


Chapel Street is New Haven’s longest single route, according to Doris B. Townshend’s The Streets of New Haven. But its western downtown end has a character all its own…

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Center Courts

New Haven YMCA Youth Center

When Robert “Mush” Hudson was 5, he began attending the New Haven YMCA Youth Center. He played basketball, learned to swim and went to summer camp. …

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Aero Nautical

Silas Finch atop Miya's Sushi

New Haven’s the kind of place where you can walk down the street and find a higher calling. “Dan? Dan!” mine went yesterday from the roof of Miya’s Sushi, where mad-scientist sculptor Silas Finch was finishing his latest assemblage. …

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At Easel


A blank canvas. An empty white rectangle. Wide open and, for a new painter, extremely intimidating.

Maybe some wine would take the edge off. …

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