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Stone Turned


It was 1822. The population of the United States had just crossed 10 million. James Monroe was in his second term as president, having won all but a single electoral vote. In New Haven, cattle-grazing had been banished from the …

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Feet First


When the New Haven Morris and Sword dancers perform the steps of a Cotswold dance, they’re enacting what an ancient ritual. …

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This Week in New Haven (November 11 – 17)


Confront global warming, embrace local cooling and savor the expressions of artists past and present. …

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Dinner Service

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

Just north of the city green, on Temple Street, the Center Church Parish House is a handsome two-story brick building, with chalk-white detailing and an imposing air.

But it’s actually quite welcoming. …

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Singing Praises


Practice doesn’t start until 7:30 but by five after seven on Thursday night, the foyer and halls at 311 Temple Street are abuzz with giddy chatter. There’s a communal dish of gumdrops by the sign-in sheet and someone’s carrying in …

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