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Peace and Quiet

Beaverdale Memorial Park

“I find it interesting that some people say they don’t want to live near a cemetery,” says Dan Krueger, manager of Beaverdale Memorial Park. Cemeteries are places of peace and tranquility, after all, not danger or hex, and …

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Shaking the Tree

Mona Rhone in St. Mary's Cemetery, Hamden, CT

It began when Hamden resident Mona Rhone’s sister, Gloria Demakis, looked to the north in search of Canadian ancestors. She sent letters drafted in French to anyone she suspected might know a “Francoeur” or a “Druin”…

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The Rest is Grave-y

Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven

Evergreen Cemetery’s 85 sprawling acres provide the final resting spots to over 85,000 individuals, including an array of New Haven’s passed-away notables…

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