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Cookies ’n’ Dream

Four Flours cookies

The aroma of fresh-baked cookies, brownies and other goodies envelops you as soon as you cross the threshold of Robin Schaffer’s Woodbridge home. Sweet scents of brown sugar and chocolate mingle,…

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In Tune

Neighborhood Music School Greater New Haven Concert Band conducted by Rachel Antonucci

Imagine arriving in a foreign land, exhausted from an arduous journey, unaccustomed to the native language and struggling to get a foothold as you begin a new life. How would you acclimate? Where would you go for help?…

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Bottom Line

Janet Stolfi Alfano of The Diaper Bank

You’ve heard of food banks to help those in need. How about The Diaper Bank?

Originally founded in New Haven by Joanne Goldblum and now operating mostly out of a modest, no-frills warehouse…

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Off Book

Ives main library exterior

As the reggae band warmed up, dozens of people flocked to the grass, eager to snag a prime spot for spreading out picnic blankets and setting up beach chairs.

It was a warm, humid evening in Westville, just right for …

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Community Asset

Start Bank

At first glance, Start Bank on Whalley Avenue seems a lot like any other. There’s a row of teller stations, a spacious reception area and an ATM at the front entrance.

But this isn’t any ordinary bank. For starters, in …

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