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Rear View

2014 Review

Daily Nutmeg’s covered a lot of ground since January 1, 2014.

On January 2, writer Cara McDonough put the city’s tucked-away U.S. Coast Guard outpost onto New Haveners’ collective SONAR.…

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Into the Lights


A green smiling dragon in Santa cap wags his pointy tail. A red and yellow sailboat rocks back and forth. A jet skier jumps blue ocean waves. Two bears in hats and scarves throw a snowball back and forth. A …

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Starring Roles

Sheila Levrant de Bretteville in the Ninth Square

Next time you’re strolling through New Haven’s Ninth Square district, look down.

You’ve probably walked by, or on, them before: 21 granite stars embedded in the sidewalks of Orange and Crown Streets.…

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In Polls We Trust

Doug Schwartz, director of the Quinnipiac Polling Institute

It’s late morning, and the rows and rows of tidy carrels on the first floor of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute are empty. The room is dim, and very quiet.

In fact, with an election just…

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It’s a Hoot

The Owl Shop

Peer into the smoke-filled room with this updated story, originally published October 4, 2012.

The door opens on a dark, wood-paneled lounge. About a thousand liquor bottles line neat shelves behind the bartender.…

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Seeing Stars

Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium

Space out with this updated article from March 7, 2013.

Whooooa!” a young boy exclaims during a Tuesday night show at Yale’s Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium.…

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Bread Winner

Freshly baked Chabaso rolls on conveyor belt

When Charles Negaro began baking bread, his goals boiled down to this: “I wanted to make something I was proud of.”

So he named Chabaso Bakery after his children: Charlie, Abagail and Sophia—Ch-Aba-So. Almost twenty years on…

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Bird Brains

New Haven Bird Club

We’re on vacation! This week, enjoy Daily Nutmeg editions past, including this fine-feathered story from last July, updated for 2014.

Birdwatching isn’t just for the birds.…

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Sea-ing the Sights

Thimble Islands

We’re on vacation! For the rest of the week, enjoy Daily Nutmeg editions past, starting with this seaworthy story from last August.

Branford’s Stony Creek section, situated on a picturesque shore along the Long Island Sound…

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Pardee-Morris House, New Haven, CT

With August almost here, it’s a good time to revisit this seasonal story from last summer, updated for 2014. Enjoy!

It’s pretty common knowledge among New Haveners that the large, white farmhouse located…

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