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Love Language


For two decades, Carol Ruggiero filled pages and pages with her thoughts and memories, evoking images of a bygone era, and now they fill Pearls from Carol, the blue-bound book her husband, Albert, devotedly assembled, published and promotes. …

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Book of Life


Local writer and newly minted book author Bonnie Goldberg is among the most pleasant people you’ll ever meet. Little would you know that she had to win her geniality in battle, through a series of trials few if any of …

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Truth in Fiction

Conscience by Alice Mattison

The arc of a novel is the thing that compels the reader to keep reading and resolves (or doesn’t) at the end. The arc of New Havener Alice Mattison’s new novel, Conscience, tells you something about…

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The Penn is Mightier Than the Gore

DJZom-B & The Ungrateful Dead by Vinnie Penn

“Speaking of radio, are these guys on the air? Is anyone on the air?”

“Not in Connecticut. ‘Cuz, um, they’re all dead. Seventy-five percent of Connecticut is syndicated, Ivan. You know that.”

— excerpt from DJZom-B & The Ungrateful Dead
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