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Wake-Up Call

Downtown New Haven

Tomorrow, for the first time in some time, a Powder House Day celebration will happen right where it belongs: on the New Haven Green.

Powder House Day commemorates the moment both New Haven and Connecticut joined the American Revolution. It …

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Down Under


What do Benedict Arnold’s first wife, Rutherford B. Hayes’s grandmother and James Hillhouse’s uncle have in common? …

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Going Fourth


America’s 246th birthday happens Monday, and we’re RSVPing yes.

In the meantime, we might head to…

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Supply and Demand


Today is Powder House Day in New Haven, but unless you already knew that, you wouldn’t know it. …

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Battle Lines


Early in the American Revolution, General George Washington had a 14th colony in mind: Canada. …

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End of Story


Resolved, That the board of war be and hereby are directed to erase from the register of the names of the officers of the army of the United States the name of BENEDICT ARNOLD.

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Coming Undone


When we last withdrew from the saga of New Havener Benedict Arnold, it was early in the morning on September 22, 1780. Arnold was meeting, face-to-face for the first time, the man who’d been receiving his secret messages behind enemy …

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The Plot Thickens


When we last departed New Havener Benedict Arnold in the spring of 1779, the twice-injured American war hero, then commanding the colonial capital Philadelphia, was under siege, and not by the British. …

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Turning Points


The procession was attended with a numerous concourse of people, who after expressing their abhorrence of the treason and the traitor, committed him to the flames, and left both the effigy and the original to sink into ashes and oblivion. 

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Reasonable Doubts


When we last left New Havener Benedict Arnold, it was August 1775. …

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