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Arthouse Flicks


Bad news: Criterion Cinemas, New Haven’s only commercial movie theater, is shutting down.

Good news: The city’s galleries are picking up the slack. …

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Real Imagination

20200225_Evidence35thJoyceSeason-0226 phot by Hannah Long_1500

Many of us have spent the past year imagining things: worst- and best-case scenarios, the world beyond our constricted orbits, activities we love but couldn’t do. So…

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Pace Yourself


The 24th International Festival of Arts & Ideas picks up the pace in New Haven…

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To Do


The signs are everywhere. Underfoot, overhead and at eye level, too. They’re in windows and stands, on sidewalks and street poles. …

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Daggett Street Diaspora

Daggett Street Square

“What New Haven makes, makes New Haven.”

That was the slogan gracing a 1952 brochure for the local Seamless Rubber Company, which manufactured a broad…

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Changing the Channel


On a Sunday afternoon in 2007 in New Haven’s 9th Square, Lou Cox heard the unmistakable sound of spray paint outside his skateboard and hip-hop shop Channel 1…

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Pressed for Time

West Cove Studio & Gallery

There’s a former factory in West Haven whose history lives in its heavily scored floorboards, shredded up by sharp edges of heavy machinery since the building’s construction in 1910.…

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Batman Returns


Puns and punches flying below it, the bat signal shone over a New Haven skyline last night. Granted, it was a skyline made of foam or something, small enough to fit into Yale Cabaret’s subterranean black box…

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Sound and Vision

New Haven Symphony Orchestra

You can’t accuse William Boughton of fiddling around. As the dapper music director and conductor of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, he’s been instrumental in helping that august 120-year-old…

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Scenic Route

Long Wharf Theatre collage

By late 1964, Yale graduate students Jon Jory and Harlan Kleiman realized they shared an uncommon aspiration: to start a theater. In a 1966 article for Smith Alumnae Quarterly, the late New Haven arts scene powerhouse Elizabeth “Betty” Kubler…

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