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Access Panel


A camera travels up a stairway, around a corner, down a hall. A key unlocks a door. “Hi, everybody. Welcome to my studio,” says New Haven artist Susan McCaslin. …

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Be Their Guest


The “open” in City-Wide Open Studios this year may simply entail opening your laptop, but it’s still possible to visit a few local artists in their natural habitats if you plan ahead. …

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Garbage Can


Howard el-Yasin sees beauty where most do not. …

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Work, and Play

Installation work by Jesse Peck

A photo essay.

The “Game On!” theme of this year’s City-Wide Open Studios has meant lots of games to play, especially last weekend at the expansive Goffe Street Armory. …

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Top Drawer

Michael Sloan

“He’s my alter-ego. He has his head in the clouds. He likes to travel. He appears in places that I love and have lived in: Hong Kong, Paris, New York. I miss them. So when I’m working on a drawing …

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Thames’s River

Felandus Thames

A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Felandus Thames is losing his drawl. It’s been 10 years since he left his home state, but the memories of racial persecutions—of unjustified accusations and imprisonments targeting …

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Daggett Street Diaspora

Daggett Street Square

“What New Haven makes, makes New Haven.”

That was the slogan gracing a 1952 brochure for the local Seamless Rubber Company, which manufactured a broad…

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Hang On


For a professional hanger-upper, Wooster Square resident Mark Williams doesn’t seem to have many hang-ups. His demeanor is markedly relaxed, about as level as the stuff he’s…

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X-Ray Vision

Lois Goglia with Nesola scarves

Not everyone would gaze at an MRI scan of a human brain or an X-ray of a dog’s internal organs and see beauty, but artist Lois Goglia of Cheshire does. One day many moons ago, when she was visiting her …

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Full Nelson

iPad artist Raheem Nelson

Raheem Nelson’s vast and varied artwork portfolio includes published books, portrayals of television stars and caricatures of strangers. He’s done Art Deco versions of pancakes and shaving cream, and, like many artists, he’s done a few self-portraits.

Unlike most artists, …

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