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Stone Turned


It was 1822. The population of the United States had just crossed 10 million. James Monroe was in his second term as president, having won all but a single electoral vote. In New Haven, cattle-grazing had been banished from the …

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Going Medieval


A photo essay. To view all 14 images, check out the email edition.

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Once Removed


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Shadowy Figures


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Archery 101


At Yale, there are arched backs in Dance Studies classes and at Salsa Under the Stars sessions. Arched brows as curious, libidinous college students scope out classmates. Arch nemeses whenever Harvard comes to town. …

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Suburban Planning


Beaver Hills is on a hill, though you won’t find any actual beavers. …

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A time traveler from New Haven’s colonial days would barely recognize it today. …

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Checking It Out


When I woke up at the Hotel Marcel and pressed the Morning button on the bedside console, the blackout shade rolled steadily up to reveal the…

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Entertainment Center


Few buildings in New Haven have stirred more sentiment—positive or negative—than the New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum. …

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In Progress


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For decades, the Pirelli Building, a.k.a. the Armstrong Rubber Building, has been stuck in the past…

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