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In Progress


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For decades, the Pirelli Building, a.k.a. the Armstrong Rubber Building, has been stuck in the past…

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Central Air


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From hundreds of feet away on a cloudy August morning…

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Once Removed


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Stone Turned


It was 1822. The population of the United States had just crossed 10 million. James Monroe was in his second term as president, having won all but a single electoral vote. In New Haven, cattle-grazing had been banished from the …

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Fair Is Ferry


A photo essay.

The State Street Bridge reopened in August 2015, about four years and…

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Creature Features


Yale has gaggles of gargoyles—on 34 buildings, in hundreds of styles, peering over doorways, crouched on windowsills, jumping out of unexpected places, giving earthly structures a touch of the fantastical. …

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Entertainment Center


Few buildings in New Haven have stirred more sentiment—positive or negative—than the New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum. …

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New Haven’s parking garages don’t just have elevators; they are elevators. …

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Lots to See


Few of New Haven’s public spaces are more snubbed by the public that uses them than its parking garages. …

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Time Zone


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As Bill Kraus ushers me inside the first room, a beam of cool light splits the darkness…

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