I have lived in or near New Haven for 24 years. I wouldn’t have thought I had that much to learn about the city. You prove me wrong every day! Your material is well-written, and visually enjoyable. It has a ‘fresh’ and vibrant feel.” – A.G. 3/9/12

I just discovered Daily Nutmeg and love it! Finally, something that is New Haven-centric. My husband and I moved into the city about a year ago from the ‘burbs and have so enjoyed exploring New Haven. Great that we now have a resource in Daily Nutmeg.” – L.M. 3/6/12

Hi, I was stopped on Chapel St last week by a young man and I reluctantly gave my email because the young man seemed earnest and interesting.  Wow, am I so ever happy.  I hope this publication continues. Keep up the great work!” – C.L.  2/27/12

Just wanted to let you know that I love this publication! After living near New Haven for eight years, subscribing to the daily paper, etc. I still did not feel like I really “knew” New Haven intimately. The Daily Nutmeg is really helping me out with that and I love it. Your articles are so relevant and informative and interesting. I have shared your publication by forwarding it to many of my friends who have now also subscribed. Please keep up the good work! This is what New Haven really needs.” – J.B.  2/21/12

As a newcomer to New Haven, the Daily Nutmeg zeroes in on the content that I want in a simple and organized format….Well done!” – P.L. 2/21/12

This is one of the most unique and informative sites I’ve ever come across. Your spotlights are always positive, unusual and uplifting. I’m a native New Havener and yet have rarely heard of or know about your stories. What a refreshing way to start the day!” – L.B. 2/21/12

I love this city and so of course think the Daily Nutmeg is absolutely wonderful — and beautifully designed, by the way.” – U.R.  2/16/12

Great information, interesting writing and such a reminder of the great wealth of activities right in our own backyard.” – S.T.  2/15/12

Love the Daily Nutmeg! Great resource for my hometown!! I currently live in Trumbull, but grew up and work in New Haven.” – G.L. 2/15/12

I am a New Haven resident who is delighted that Daily Nutmeg has arrived! I enjoy your clean design, as well as the daily dose you send out. Reading it has already become part of my morning routine!”  J.O.  2/13/12

What a wonderful site. I’ve lived in New Haven for over 40 years and I truly love this town. I  didn’t know about “Fashionista”. I’ll pay them a visit. Keep up the good work.” – I.G.  2/10/12

Love Daily Nutmeg…Christopher (Arnott) is a great writer, I have read every article from start to finish that I was interested in. The format is great as well…I love getting up every morning and seeing my email from Daily Nutmeg. Its how I start my day. Best of luck.” – J.S.  2/8/12