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Putting Down Roots


Having planted its 10,000th tree in May, the Urban Resources Initiative recently planted two more, right on my block.

I’d requested a free tree​​ back in the spring. A staff member then checked out the site and contacted me …

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On the Edge


Cycling south from the top of Yale Avenue takes advantage of one of the better designated bike routes in New Haven. You’ve got…

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Look, Up in the Sky


The birds keep migrating, so the bird counters keep watching. Since the beginning of September, the New Haven Bird Club has been posting dedicated hawk watchers on the top of the rise at Lighthouse Point Park, scanning the skies.

One …

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Digging In (pt. 2)

Joe Gilbert 2_1500bii

Steamers, eastern oysters, northern quahogs, blue mussels, bay scallops, razor clams, surf clams and whelks live along the state’s coastline, according to the Connecticut Bureau of Aquaculture. It’s okay to dig or forage for these guys as long as you …

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Digging In (pt. 1)

Clam digging at Cape Disappointment State Park

It’s low tide on a shoal off the coast of Milford, and I’m digging for treasure—not gold rings or silver coins but rather shellfish buried in the mud. …

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Western ’Front


A warm, persistent wind frothed up whitecaps on Long Island Sound one hot August afternoon. …

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Plot Thickened


A photo essay. To view all seven images, check out the email edition.

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Tree Alarm


Dutch elm disease and chestnut blight have long since routed New Haven’s native elms and chestnuts. Now American beech trees—a keystone species in eastern forests, distinguished by their smooth, elephant-gray bark and leaves lined with spike-tipped veins—are under siege…

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Taken by Storms


During this parchment-dry summer, two straight days with even a little bit of rain are enough to recall this rainy-day story from the summer of 2020.

*     *     *

Over the course of a hot summer day in the suburbs, …

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Water Therapy


The tide chart tells us that around 9:30 a.m., the time will be right for putting our canoe in at Sackett Point. …

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