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Gone Bust

Parks and Monuments, East Rock-Bust of Mayor Lewis, June 14, 1907, Bronson, #6242_1500

It’s easy to miss the empty pedestal near the summit of East Rock. Situated on a patch of grass where Farnam Drive meets its first overlook and turns toward the summit, the granite pillar is marred with graffiti. Bolt anchors …

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Beneath the Bridge


Hidden below the entry lanes that become the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge—a.k.a. the Q—a tiny park memorializes the 18 Connecticut men who died in the …

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Super Bowl


Before what was then the world’s largest stadium could open with the big Yale-Harvard game of 1914, it had to be built. …

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Turning Pages


Published 15 years after the tercentenary for which it was commissioned, Rollin G. Osterweis’s Three Centuries of New Haven (1953)—which you can access at local libraries or buy from indie booksellers—is broad enough to be the starting point of choice …

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Subject Matters


The Roaring Twenties brothel owner Pearl “Polly” Adler and the minister Henry Ward Beecher, “one of the founding fathers of modern American Christianity,” have a few things in common. One is their biographer…

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Play Time


Calvin Hill is best known for his 12 seasons in the National Football League. But in New Haven, the star running back’s biggest fans may be preschoolers. …

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Horror Movie


Almost 100 years to the day after its Hollywood premiere on October 30, 1921, The Sheik is getting a centenary Blu-ray. Cinephiles in general may remember the movie for…

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Trials and Errors


It’s fun today to don a pointy black hat and play at being a witch for Halloween. But things were decidedly less amusing for those who came off as witches in 17th-century New Haven. …

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Battle Lines


Early in the American Revolution, General George Washington had a 14th colony in mind: Canada. …

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Relation Ship


It’s been several years since the Amistad’s masts last towered above her old home port at Long Wharf. …

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