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Pop Culture

Foxon Park Beverages Factory

94 years ago on a plot of land in East Haven, Matteo Naclerio was deciding between starting a funeral home or a beverage factory. He chose the latter, and iconic local soda pop-maker Foxon Park Beverages was…

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International Relations

Consulado General del Ecuador

Literally meaning “the equalizer,” “the Equator” seems a funny way to describe the principal dividing line on Earth. And yet, that division is the basis for the great unifiers of latitude and longitude, which…

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Swift and Shore


Guilfordians walk among us.

Charlotte, a radiologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital, finds her twenty-minute commute from Guilford more bearable than the grind she endured living in Fairfield, when she regularly…

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Easy Come, Easy Go

West Haven Commuter Rail Station tracks

By 7:15 a.m., most of the nearly 650 parking spaces at the West Haven Metro-North Railroad (MNR) station are filled. Only about 20 people stand on the Grand Central-bound platform as the 7:24 train rolls up, but that’s because its …

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Sight for Sore Eyes

West Village Optician exterior 1

A man in need of new glasses enters Westville’s West Village Optician on a recent Saturday. He seems younger than 25 but prefers frames that are halfway to schoolmarm territory, stressing he wants nothing “too trendy.” (Is that a new …

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Inside the Lines


Getting a handle on CTTRANSIT’s New Haven bus system is like trying to understand a foreign language. To someone already well-versed, it’s easy. To the unacquainted, it’s nearly unfathomable, presenting more questions than answers.…

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Just for Kicks

Anna Liffey's interior

A couple descends the staircase inside Anna Liffey’s on Whitney Avenue. Carl has a hankering for a pint of Smithwick’s; Gabbie just wants Irish food, like when she and Carl studied in Limerick a few years back.…

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Men of the Cloth

Whalley Sample Shop exterior

“Man, this looks good!” says a tall man standing in front of a mirror, admiring a colorful three-piece suit. Three friends surround him, expressing their agreement.

It’s a Saturday afternoon…

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Finder’s Keepers

Silas Finch at his workstation

An aged pair of beige high heels sits atop New Haven sculptor Silas Finch’s workstation, their insoles covered in rose thorns collected, cut and placed by tattooed fingers. A 1930s vintage brassiere lies to one side, soon to be thorned …

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Sign Language

The Five Satins "New Haven Notable" banner

If you’ve ever been inside a building on Yale’s campus, or ambled around the Chapel West district downtown, or stepped inside city hall, or driven along the verdant Merritt Parkway, you’ve almost certainly seen Strong Cohen’s clean,…

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