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Boxy Rebellion

Tiny Gallery at Creative Arts Workshop

In the midst of the Audubon Arts District stands an exhibit space that’s three-of-a-kind.

Creative Arts Workshop’s Tiny Gallery—set inside a red, yellow and blue signpost, like an obelisk or a totem, outside…

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Layer Cakes

Cakes at Marjolaine

At Marjolaine Pastry Shop, even the non-layer cakes can have serious levels to them. You’d probably never know it just by looking or eating, but the bakery’s buttercream icing, for instance, which frosts nearly all of Marjolaine’s wedding and…

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A Good Fit

Tops at Odeon

It’s been said that it’s better to look good than feel good, but in Westville, a woman doesn’t have to choose just one. Where Whalley Avenue meets Blake Street, a pair of mom-and-pop—indeed, husband-and-wife—businesses, connected at the…

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World Wide Web

Yale World Fellows 2014

32-year-old Syrian pro-democracy activist Rami Nakhla (pictured second) is happy to be spending this fall in New Haven. For that matter, he’s happy to be spending it anywhere.

Nakhla—here as a participant…

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City on a Hillhouse

James Hillhouse High School

“Jemmy,” we hardly know ye.

Though he’s one of New Haven history’s most illustrious citizens, James Hillhouse (Oct. 20, 1754 – Dec. 29, 1832) is a bit of a mystery. He left behind little or nothing in the way of …

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The Thinker

Stephen Grossman

There’s change in the air at painter Stephen Grossman’s downtown studio. With his artist-filled building at 39 Church Street slated for conversion to apartments, he’s in the process of packing up his stuff and moving to new digs.…

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Mix and Match

Key lime rum martini at Zafra

Nurtured by the growing production of regional small-batch handmade spirits, the availability of local fruits, vegetables and other botanicals of all kinds and the imaginations of resourceful bartenders, the New Haven area’s craft…

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Company Men

Split Knuckle Theatre Co. performing Endurance

Five years ago, just as the Split Knuckle Theatre Co. was about to begin rehearsals on its fledgling play Endurance, artistic director Greg Webster stepped up to give his troupe an inspirational speech. “I said, ‘I know this show …

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Plant Life

Lettuce at Massaro Community Farm

The iconic elements are in place: a classic white farmhouse with an apple tree and chicken coop full of clucking hens; a high-roofed red dairy barn that still houses milking stanchions and a hayloft; an acre-after-acre spread, with woods and …

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Time Signatures

Keyboard at Yale Collection of Musical Instruments

By the time Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night posited music as the “food of love” in the early 1600s, some elements of the Yale University Collection of Musical Instruments (YCMI) already existed. Between its string, wind and keyboard…

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