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All Dolled Up

Late Greats by Chen Reichert

“They’re so proper,” Chen Reichert says. “They were just asking for it.”

Reichert is speaking, of all things, about postcards. After a year of teaching English in Japan, Reichert came back to the States in 2006 with a tall stack …

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Let’s Talk

from Architecture in Dialogue at Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

I went into the Architecture in Dialogue exhibit at Yale’s Beinecke Library, which runs through this Friday, December 14, expecting to think about buildings and bridges and feats of engineering while browsing drawings and schematics. Renderings in blue pencil with …

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Roll Players

CT RollerGirls

You probably have a picture of roller derby in your head that feels very 1970s: a bunch of tough gals with campy, sexually suggestive pseudonyms skating in a sloped circle on tiny tires, slamming each other into walls; a scripted …

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Knows the Type

Manson H. Whitlock at Whitlock's Typewriter Shop

It’s a long, slender office on the second floor, above and behind Ashley’s Ice Cream on York Street—the sort of place where you’d expect to find a personal injury lawyer, maybe, or the accounting department for a dental hygienist across …

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Touch and Go

Stuffed monkey at the CT Children's Museum

Costumes, games, puzzles, puppets, playhouses. Bugs, drums, wheel barrows, Lincoln Logs, a maze. Toy planes and trains and trucks and cars, toy toolboxes, a toy piano. And stuffed animals. Oh, the stuffed animals. Elephants, giraffes, mice, frogs, monkeys. Bears and …

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