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Men of Beans

Cappuccino at Willoughby's

“Pungent, berry-toned, elegant, intense, exuberantly complex, lushly sweet, rich, long, impressive balance and structure”—these words have all been used to describe Willoughby’s coffee in various Coffee Review ratings over the years.…

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Aiming to Cheese

Liuzzi Gourmet Market

“Aw, forget about it!” says cheese section manager Bob Derrico when you ask him how many cheeses Liuzzi Gourmet Market in North Haven carries. “We stopped counting years ago! Hundreds! At least four or five hundred, with 10 or 12 …

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In Tapa Form

Pintxos Mar y Tierra at Manjares

When Ana De Los Angeles first visited New Haven seven years ago, a commercial space on the corner of West Rock and Whalley Avenues in New Haven’s Westville neighborhood gave her that tingly ‘this is the one’ feeling. She was …

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The Diner Things

Georgie's Diner

Georgette Anthis grew up in a diner. “I spent more time there than at home,” she says of what is now Georgie’s Diner in West Haven, named after her father, George Anthis, who first got involved with the business in …

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Well On

Tea ingredients coming together at Naturegene

In rooms toward the back of a tiny store on Whitney Ave, massage therapists perform a 5,000-year-old medicinal tradition.

The exact origin story of what’s known as “cupping therapy” is fuzzy, but wherever it started, it certainly made the rounds. …

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A Pressing Matter

Barrels of Chilean Wines at The Wine Press

More than 50 people flit around a refurbished factory, as happy as the fruit flies circling the stacks of ripe grapes piled in the center of the room. Sounds of whirring machines and laughter fill the air. Wine flows from …

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A Fine Brewmance

MiKro Beer Bar

When Mike Fox answered a job posting on Craigslist calling for a chef at a new restaurant in Hamden, he interviewed at a bare-bones space in a plaza on Route 10, sawdust covering every surface.

Still, he had a grand …

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How Sweet It Is

Brenda DePonte and Carol Vollono of Sugar Bakery

When you’re in the food business and Food Network calls, you answer. In June 2010, the mother/daughter team Carol Vollono and Brenda DePonte at Sugar Bakery in East Haven received a call out of the blue with an invitation to …

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Tour of Foodie

Taste of New Haven tour outside Louis' Lunch

“We control the weather!” proclaims Colin Caplan, founder and president of Taste of New Haven food and drink tours. Two dozen eager tour participants cluster in Temple Plaza at high noon on a perfect September Sunday, sunny and mild, blue …

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Between the Wines

Cave À Vin Wine Bar

Pick a number, but not just any number. “I would hate to have someone just pick blindly and not love it,” owner Linda Fitzpatrick says of her customers and their wine choices at Cave à Vin.

“Wine can be intimidating,” …

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