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Look Out

West Rock view

We’re on vacation! For the rest of the week, enjoy Daily Nutmeg editions past, including this farsighted story from last August.

It’s amazing how quickly you can go from grinding your teeth and breathing exhaust fumes on…

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Tiny Dictator

Most Monday nights, a small band of New Haveners gathers to practice between the bright white walls of Artspace. The group is called Tiny Dictator, and its goal is to get big laughs.

The means is long-form…

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Whalley, Goffe and Dixwell intersection

History is written in the streets of New Haven.

There’s Ella T. Grasso Boulevard, named after Connecticut’s first female governor who, in 1975, was also the country’s first female…

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A Way with Words

Sarah Harris Wallman and Charles Rafferty of Albertus Magnus

For graduate degrees in writing, locals have options. New Haven has two full-residency MFA programs: a playwriting track at Yale, and fiction and poetry concentrations at Southern Connecticut State. Fairfield…

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Cold Sweat

Racebrook Tract

The chill of a northeast winter can induce a bit of amnesia, making it easy to forget the topographical splendor that surrounds New Haven. But why let snowfall and single-digit temperatures dissuade you…

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Pipe Dreams

A table at the Connecticut Cannabis Expo

Put this in your pipe and smoke it: legal medical marijuana production is coming to Connecticut. In early 2014, the Department of Consumer Protection will dole out three producer’s licenses and between three and five dispensary…

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Bean Counters

The Coffee Pedaler

Ryan Taylor, owner of two-month-old The Coffee Pedaler in East Rock, is comparing footwear with a four-year-old girl. He bends down to inspect her shoes, sparkly and pink in the bright light of the shop.…

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Plot Points

Text from Alice Mattison's The Wedding of the Two-Headed Woman

Placing Literature, which announced itself to the public during New Haven’s International Festival of Arts & Ideas this past summer, provides a novel service. It allows you to take scenes from fictional works set in real-world places and…

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Frame Jobs

The Frame Shop & Westville Gallery

For Gabriel Da Silva (pictured right), co-owner of the Frame Shop and Westville Gallery with his wife, Inger (center), as well as the Da Silva Gallery next door, framing isn’t just slapping some wood around some art so that…

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Out of the Wood

Jeff Carter - The Westmount Group

Jeff Carter, owner and operator of the Westmount Group, a custom furniture shop in West Haven, has a sixth sense. Okay, not really, but Carter says his brain “sees systems and how they work. I can drive over a bridge …

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