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Turning the Page

photo courtesy New Haven Reads

This story, originally published on February 7, 2013, explores an organization dedicated to those who are a little lost for words.

You might remember a series of commercials from the early 90s featuring adorable young…

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High Volumes

William Reese Company

This story, originally published on March 14, 2013, invites you to make yourself at tome.

A massive rolling boulder isn’t hot on my heels, and a John Williams score isn’t swelling in the background. Still, it’s hard…

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Staying Tuned

Racks at Redscroll Records

In an era when the streets run red with the shredded balance sheets of defunct music retailers, Redscroll Records is alive and kicking in the heart of working-class Wallingford. Owned and operated by Josh Carlson and Rick Sinkiewicz, Redscroll is …

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Pizza and Quiet

Bufalina exterior

Just a few miles north up I-95, tucked away in the quaint, peaceful, history-laden town of Guilford, is an upstart: Bufalina, a restaurant that’s been giving the shoreline’s long-established pizza titans a run for their money.…

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Reaching for the Arts

Educational Center for the Arts

When we first meet, Educational Center for the Arts director Jason Hiruo tells me about one of the ECA’s star students, Michaela Coppola. Coppola recently earned a place in the extremely competitive All-National…

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That’s the Spirit!

"Windows into Heaven" at Knights of Columbus Museum

Perched at the mouth of State Street, the Knights of Columbus Museum has acted as a gallery and archive of Catholic history and culture for over 30 years.

The museum’s stunning concrete-and-glass home is airy, well-lit and spacious. A variety …

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Apizza the Pie

The Special at Zuppardi's

New Haveners are spoiled: we have some of the best pizza in the country, maybe in the world, and we have options for where to get it. “Apizza,” “thin-crust” and “brick-oven” are elevated concepts elsewhere, but they’re our normal.

From …

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A Kick in the Paints

Kwadwo Adae and student

I met with artist and instructor Kwadwo Adae at his Adae Fine Art Academy on Chapel Street during one of the hottest days of the year. The urban asphalt baked in the sun. The air was thick and languorous. Everyone …

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Clothing Time

Melissa Gonzales sits outside The Vintanthromobile

Before meeting Vintanthromodern Vintage owner Melissa Gonzales, I envisioned her as imaginative and whimsical—the kind of woman who, as a child, twirled around the kitchen in her grandmother’s fanciest frocks, sunlight and the color of marsh marigolds gliding across the …

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The stage during a recent Manic-produced show at BAR

I first heard about Mark Nussbaum in high school when I was dating a guy in a band. I kept hearing about the shows some kid from Guilford named “Manic Mark” was booking, and was impressed by how ambitious an …

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