Photo Realism

F or Daily Nutmeg, 2016 was the year of imagery, literally. We published about 1,300 original photographs over the course of roughly 240 new articles, meaning we averaged about five pictures per article, or about 25 per week.

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Creches of Germany at Knights of Columbus Museum

That’s a lot, since every photo was carefully, iteratively edited with the goal of recreating the in-person, naked-eye impression of the subject—which is also to say that our subjects were quite nice to look at, on balance.

Featuring some of our favorite shots presented in chronological order—as well as a lead shot of our mascot, Molly (pictured above)—please enjoy this photographic trip through New Haven’s 2016, as Daily Nutmeg saw it. And while we’re at it, here’s to a new year of interesting sights.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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Dan has worked for a couple of major media companies, but he likes Daily Nutmeg best. As DN’s editor, he writes, photographs, edits and otherwise shepherds ideas into fully realized feature stories.

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